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Leaded lights – also known as leaded windows or leaded glass – are a very specific type of window installation that has actually been around longer than glass windows themselves! The ancient Romans used to create a form of leaded light from the thinnest sheets of alabaster, which they placed into a wooden or iron frame to keep out the elements and let in the daylight.

What We Can Do For You

A modern approach

These days, we use the same high-quality glass that we include in all of our regular windows, doors and other fittings. These small panes of glass are held in and supported by a lead frame known as a came (hence the other term for leaded lights – came glasswork). These panes can be simple geometric shapes, or they can be intricate and exquisite designs. One of the inherent benefits of using lead for the frame is that is both hard wearing and flexible – perfect for such a role.

An end-to-end process

When you come to Ledlite Glass, you are coming to experts in the field of leaded windows. We have put up lead frames in Rochford, and installed stained-glass windows in Rayleigh, among many other places. With seven decades of experience under our collective belts, we are pleased to be considered the finest leaded lights manufacturer that Southend has to offer.

Here’s how it works...


You may know exactly what pattern you want, down to the tiniest detail, our you may have only the vaguest of notions as to how you want your leaded windows to look. In either case, your first step is to speak to our design team, who will walk you through the composition of the windows, and offer advice on how to flesh out the original image you had in your head.


While lead is flexible enough to produce the beautiful designs you sometimes see on a church stained-glass window, it still has its limitations and there may be some designs that are beyond even the skill of our engineers. However, our design team will be on hand to discuss alternatives and to sketch out ideas that may suit you, prior to ordering the glass and frameworks.


Individual panes can be tinted, and produce a calm and pleasing effect when the sunlight shines through them. As with the framework, simplicity is key. A handful of basic colours should be more than enough. Again, it’s not that we can’t find tinted glass in half a dozen different shades of red, it’s just that such subtlety defeats the object. The beauty of stained-glass lead lights is that it is the sunlight itself that turns them from so many coloured panes of glass into something extraordinarily beautiful. Again, our designers will assist you here, recommending colour schemes and patterns that are readily available, and will help you produce a striking image in the finished piece.

leaded lights services in Rochford


All our leaded lights are installed, a piece at a time, by our team of highly-trained lead lighting engineers


As a well as installing brand new leaded light windows, we are also able to repair and fix broken and damaged leaded lights. We will come round and look at the damaged leaded light and see if we can repair it.

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