Toughened Safety Glass

Toughened safety glass to protect our clients in Southend

Toughened safety glass (sometimes simply referred to as toughened , laminated glass or tempered glass) appears just like regular glass when installed in a home or office environment, yet it has a strength up to five times that of ordinary glass. A number of controlled chemical and thermal treatments are included in its production that allow its strength to increase in comparison to normal window glass.

Because of its safety qualities, toughened glass is regularly utilised in a number of areas where safety is paramount, such as shower doors, refrigerator shelves, glass doors, cookware, mobile phones, and the car windscreens. It is also frequently used in what is known as architectural glass, of the sort used to construct impressive glass buildings like The Shard and The Gherkin.

What We Can Do For You

Safety and Security

Here at Ledlite Glass, the safety and wellbeing of our clients is of paramount importance to us. While our regular glass is sturdy and durable, and liable to put up with most of what life has to throw at it, we do produce and install toughened safety glass for that added peace-of-mind, whether employed in a domestic or a commercial setting.


From a safety perspective, tempered glass is second-to-none. Instead of breaking into jagged and potentially lethal shards when shattered, the tempering process sets the outside of the glass into a state of tension, and the inside of the glass into a state of compression. This combination of stresses at various points along the pane means that the glass crumbles, rather than splinters, when it is broken. The pieces from a sheet of broken toughened glass are granular chunks with comparatively smooth edges. Though they can still give you a nasty cut if handled with insufficient care, they are nowhere near as hazardous as regular glass.


Toughened safety glass is not just beneficial for your health, but for your security too. Whether you have valuables in the home, or an office building with expensive equipment inside, having toughened glass in your windows can make a difference between an intruder potentially getting in, or not even making the attempt. Good quality toughened safety glass, like the sort we use in all our tempered glass installations, has been shown to resist thrown bricks and hammer blows under test conditions. Perhaps you run a company in Rayleigh and would like to take advantage of the security elements of toughened safety glass. Or maybe you’re a homeowner in Rochford, more concerned with the safety aspects of the material. In either case, we will be happy to discuss the positive impact installing toughened safety glass will have on your life.

Colour Glass Splashbacks

Coloured Glass Splashbacks are heat resistant to up to 400 degrees and are made from toughened glass which is extremely hard to scratch. These are great for kitchens and bathrooms. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

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